“Imperialist wars are absolutely inevitable under such an economic system, as long as private property in the means of production exists.”<br />
- Vladimir Lenin

Dear comrade,

In this newsletter, you will find information on:

  1. Open applications for a Steering Committee Vacancy
  2. NTC membership general meeting – April 27

But first, we have a request for our members…

Switch to Solidarity Dues today!

Our 2023 convention passed a resolution asking members to opt into Solidarity Income Based Dues, pledging 1% of their income to DSA. This is common in working-class organizations like unions, and helps ensure we have the collective, democratic power to grow sustainably for years to come. The best thing you can do to help in this effort is to switch to Solidarity Dues yourself, if possible, and encourage others in the org to do the same.

Switch to Solidarity Dues here!

For more information on what NTC members are doing to make the switch easier in the future, check in on Slack or the discussion board!

Steering Committee Vacancy:

Applications open

The NTC Steering Committee has a vacancy for an at-large member, filling in for various roles across the committee to keep things running smoothly. This position will be effective from the time it is approved by our National Political Committee until the end of September 2024. Expect a consistent and varied workload, with meetings every other Wednesday evening. Members who applied in the past should feel free to submit another application now!

Applications are open through May 11, 2024 – Apply here!

April 27: General membership meeting

It’s been a while since we had a gathering for the entire NTC general membership. At this meeting we’ll have some time to:

  • Talk about open source and how it relates to our mission
  • Talk about and with NTC membership: and how we see this evolving over time
  • Review new ways to connect the work we do back to our chapters, committees and working groups
  • Review our 5-year plan

It’s happening on April 27 at 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific time. Register here!

Get involved in the NTC

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