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        February 2023. National Tech Committee Newsletter

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  1. Official launch of OpenSlides
  2. Password management for chapters
  3. How to get involved in the NTC

But first, we have an event to invite you to…

NTC’s OpenSlides “Mock Chapter” Social

The NTC is excited to release OpenSlides for general availability across DSA! To celebrate, we want to host a social event with all of DSA on OpenSlides itself! Want to learn how you can use it to run your chapter meetings more easily? Want some practice using the platform with fun, interactive resolutions? Want to learn alongside comrades from across DSA in a low-pressure environment?

Join the NTC for a “Mock Chapter”, where we’ll run through a totally fake “chapter” meeting on OpenSlides. We’ll make sure you’re familiar with both running and using the platform, and you’ll help us get user feedback on how we can best configure and document OpenSlides to be as member-friendly as possible. Our goal is for everyone in attendance to feel confident bringing OpenSlides back to their chapters and committees for consideration.

Sign up here!

Know Your Robert's Rules? Join the NTC for OpenSlides Mock Chapter Social. Saturday, February 17, 6PM ET / 3PM PT https://actionnetwork.org/events/openslides-mock-chapter Winner Gets Nothing But Bragging Rights

Official Launch of OpenSlides

After nearly a year of development, testing, and finally use at the 2023 YDSA and DSA Conventions by nearly a thousand comrades: the National Tech Committee is pleased to announce that we are now offering OpenSlides to any DSA chapter or national committee, completely free of charge to help augment facilitation and participation in meetings, vote and stack taking, and provide a better portal to find agendas, resolutions, and anything else you need to conduct a meeting.

To learn more about OpenSlides and its use, see the National Tech Committee’s page on OpenSlides.

To request OpenSlides for your chapter or committee, please fill out this form. The NTC will handle requests for in a first come first serve manner.

OpenSlides Dashboard Meetings Committees. Democratic Socialists of America. Committees. 1 of 1 Filter Sort. National Tech Committee. The DSA National Tech Committee (NTC) is a collection of volunteer tech.

Want to learn more? Read the full topic on the DSA Discussion Board.

Password Management for Chapters

The NTC is pleased to announce that we are now offering Vaultwarden, a password management solution, completely free of charge, to help chapters and national bodies securely store and share any passwords or secure items.

Vaultwarden. Log in or create a new account to access your secure vault. Vaultwarden Web<br />
Version 2024.1.2</p>
<p>A modified version of the Bitwarden® Web Vault for Vaultwarden (an unofficial rewrite of the Bitwarden® server).<br />
Vaultwarden is not associated with the Bitwarden® project nor Bitwarden Inc.

What is Vaultwarden?

Vaultwarden is an organization-wide password management solution for securely storing passwords to industry best practices. The NTC drafted a proposal in 2023 to adopt Vaultwarden, which was passed by the National Political Committee. You can read the original proposal here.

This software is hosted and maintained by the NTC and is available to all chapters and national bodies.

Want to learn more and learn how to sign up? Read the full topic on the DSA Discussion Board.

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