The National Tech Committee is excited to announce DSA Feed, a new resource for comrades to find any updates from DSA chapters, national working groups, and our various publications in a single place.

The site is an implementation of Planet, an open source RSS feed aggregator which will pull down updates once a day from over one hundred DSA publications today, including podcasts like NPEC’s Class podcast and Seattle DSA’s Socialist Sound, and publishes them in a single website that anyone can access from their desktop, phone, or even your RSS reader.

We’re eager to add more to this site! We have a form on the project’s GitHub page which you or someone from your chapter can submit new sites to. If you’re wondering if your chapter is already included in this, you can check what the current list of sites we’re pulling is in the site’s feed list.

The NTC hopes this becomes a step forward to preserving our independence and our reach as an organization, especially for our dedicated and brilliant comrades who have worked to bring forward written works from all across the organization and to make sure they’re read. Whether they be short updates, statements, or editorials, they will end up on DSA Feed for anyone interested to see.

This is also a small step in reducing our collective dependence on capitalist social media. We’re seeing the downfall of many of these social media sites in real time, which has a deep implication for DSA as our reach for our message and our work will be impacted. But we can mitigate this by all of us as an organization, whether it be local chapters all the way up to national bodies, continuing to flex our publishing muscles and creating more work to update to our websites.

Want to contribute to this? Our project is open source and hosted on Github here and discussions about this tool can be found on the DSA Discussion Board.

If you’re inspired by this and want to work on interesting project with tech workers from across the country, please join the NTC!